Pimples and acne are not dangerous but they make scars on skin, pimples are common and everyone could have this skin problem at any stage of their you need not to worry at all about pimples

Pimples may be at face only or it could be on entire may have many types like

  1. White heads
  2. Pustules
  3. Black heads
  4. Papules
  5. Cyst

And a list to go!

Now you need not to be scary there’s lot of things that you can try to get rid of this. Let’s have a look of different type of pimples by images to have an idea how much they could be worse.

While mean time we may have idea, either what type of pimples one may have and

How to get rid of acne and pimples in one week or in days to have smooth skin.

First we will discuss about the cause of different type of pimples and acne and then about

How to remove pimples, and tips to remove pimples overnight.

White head

What are Whiteheads?  

White heads are almost similar to those of black heads, white heads are mild type of acne and they can be cure easily, to know about remedies first you must know about causes of knowing the causes of whiteheads it will surely help you in getting rid of whiteheads.

Causes of white heads are may be

Blocked and clogged pores of akin is main reason for whiteheads and these pores may be clogged for several different reasons like

  • Excess oil production by skin
  • Hormonal changes in body
  • Sometime genetics
  • Birth control pills
  • Pregnancy
  • Puberty
  • Dust

White heads mostly appear on nose, forehead and on cheeks.

How to treat white heads

Here are some tips to get rid of white heads even at home

  1. Wash your hair at least one for a day as it contains many dust particles that can clogged the skin.
  2. Wash your face at least three to four times daily with good anti-bacterial soup.
  3. Do not touch your pimples.
  4. Never try to burst your whiteheads, always have an appointment with dermatologist.
  5. Steam is the best and natural method for curing white by Facial steams all clogged pores open up and eliminate excessive material like dead skin cell, dirt ,etc
  6. Drink 7-10 glass of water daily as it will hydrate your face and less problems of whiteheads
  7. Try clay mask it will remove all dead kin cell.


What are Pustules?

This type of acne is really scaring because pustules are out growth on skin and it may be on any part of body. Clear cut symptom of pustules is as that these are sores are pus filled or fluid filled. The area around these projections is usually red in Color.

These pimples always found in clusters form on skin. and it causes itches to the skin.

Pustules contain pus and if it becomes hard it causes pain and this one changes into cyst.

Causes of Pustules.

Often when doctor suggest you a steroid and if you stop taking medicine then it may trigger this disease.

Certain drugs like aspirin (for body pain) and some anti-biotic; like penicillin.

Pustules are usually caused by the damaged or inflamed cells of the skin.

Females may have this skin issue during pregnancy

Clogged skin pore or damaged skin tissues.

Some time by poisonous insect bites.

How to treat Pustules

  1. There are number of skin treatment products available in market but all of those have one common thing that all those contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide because both are active for skin treatment.
  2. Salicylic acid works on such cells of skin that entrap sebum and bacteria, while benzoyl peroxide is antibacterial chemical it kills bacteria present in pustules. So both f these medicinal chemical are on top of list for skin treatment.
  3. The most important thing is that we must have to clear skin pores either by modern way of using pills and capsule  

Or by natural way of treatment that is by using herbal masks.

  • And if you smoke then quit it right now it will reduces chance of pus.
  • Seek medical advice from skin specialist as soon as possible.

Black heads

What are black heads

It’s a common skin issue, all over the world. And almost every one during his or her life has suffered through this worst skin condition. blackheads are black bumps and spots on skin. It involves formation of clog in opening of skin follicles, oil secreting glands secrete sebum oil, which helps to clean up your skin but when skin cells become dead and oil entrap in the skin follicle produce a bump which is typically referred as Comedo. If it is open then it is whitehead and if it is closed then it is blackhead. Both are non-inflammatory type of acne.

Black heads usually appear on face around nose but it can be appear anywhere on the body like chest, neck, shoulder,

Causes of Black heads

  1. Hormonal changes that causes increase production of oil during teen age.
  2. Too much oil produced by skin
  3. Taking medicines or drugs like androgen
  4. Dairy products and carbohydrates trigger the formation of blackhead formation.
  5. Cosmetic products like cleanser.

        How to treat black heads

Use less oily cosmetic products

Consume fewer amounts of dairy products

Use such cosmetic product that contains vitamin A

Sanding or scrubbing the skin causes to remove the clogs

Laser and light therapy are also available for its treatment

But all these are just preventions to avoid blackheads you have to consult a skin specialist for proper treatment.


What are Papules?

Word papule is basically derived from Latin word papula means pimple. It’s a mild type of pimple and often are known as skin lesion that vary in texture and shape.

These are small bumps on face usually less than 1 centimeter and are solid and have lesion.  


What are cyst

Cyst are closed capsule type structure and it can at part of body and have number of types of it. Cyst is abnormal part of skin and usually have separate membrane and semisolid material filled inside in it.